Davide Franca

Davide Franca

My work is based on multiple narratives. Stories are inspired by books, movies and songs. I try to keep my paintings infinitely open to all sorts of fantasies.
I do painting, bas reliefs and watercolours. My colours are made spontaneously, my practice is naïve and disturbed, the process is on-going with my observation without a second thought. Time comes to painting. I do sculpture in beetween two moments of the painting process. Those bas reliefs take an approach similar to painting. Cutting, shaping and scratching those slices of polyurethane foam I create my silhouettes. I called them “bas reliefs” because they aims to a bidimensional object like paintings and they looks like a stone bas relief.

Time plays a vital part in my practice. Reading a book, watching something, listening to music and meeting people are actions that we take in unique moments of our lives. They come like an encounter, things don’t happen accidentally. Painting is precisely the tragedy of our experiments. Life is like a dream, easy come, easy go.
My characters lives in a “grin” humour, giving us an ambiguous irony of the context due to the impact of our time.
These hybrid characters have roots rather than legs. They are amongst human beings and become plants. This symbol, recurring in my work, is inspired by the Fondation de Thebes. This mythological history tells the origin of human beings where they born the soil like plants.


Curriculum vitae


Happy hundergrowth, curated by Benedetta Monti, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Rome
A conversation about life and death, curated by Adel Setta and Kevin Kotahunyi, Loods Des Doods, Antwerp
Graduation show, Accademy of Fine Art, Urbino


Watercolor between oriental and occidental cultures, Plateau96, Brussels

Body of works: unveiling and description, Plateau96, Brussel


ABA Accademia di Belle Arti, Urbino, Italy


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