Unlocking the potential of unused spaces for creative expression.

Our nonprofit organization, Young European Artists, through its ReSpace program, focuses on the occupation of unused spaces to transform them into artist studios. Our structure carries out temporary projects in transitional buildings. Working on various cultural projects within these spaces, such as short and feature films, art exhibitions, and even concerts, we generate strong and distinct identities in each building we occupy.

Young European Artists supports property owners in the design and implementation of projects that address their specific needs. The diversity of skills and the multidisciplinary approach of our team enable us to create a unique and personalized approach to enhance a space and establish a strong and temporary identity. Our process involves an initial assessment of the site, its surroundings, and the intervention context, drawing from our previous experiences.

Since the launch of our program in 2022, we have invested in and converted a building into artist studios, representing over 1000 m² in the heart of Brussels. As a true laboratory of experimentation, we continue to expand our development with the upcoming occupation of other spaces.