Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Léa Belooussovitch

Léa Belooussovitch

Lea Belooussovitch

Léa Belooussovitch's works on textile felt have as their source a violent photograph, an objective account of visible reality. She chooses images of scenes of human suffering that, if we were to see them, would evoke rejection and empathy.

Belooussovitch strips the individual elements of these images of their contours and sharpness so that the original image becomes indistinguishable. What was once a photograph of women wearing scarves anxiously huddled together in tears is now an abstract scene of colour and form.

She is like the optician who shows us an image and then asks us if different lenses make the image more or less clear, in an attempt to perfect our vision. But his intention is not to leave us with a sharper image, but one that we cannot be sure of. With photographs of suffering, there is a basic and understandable correspondence between what we see and what we feel. However, Belooussovitch has changed what we see but maintained our emotional response. His abstract works manage to maintain the pathos of the original scene.


Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch
Lea Belooussovitch

Curriculum vitae


Feelingsonfelt - MAMC - Saint-Etienne, Fr
Perpwalk - Le Botanique - Brussels
Eidôlon“Before my gazethy soul’seidolon stands - Galerie Paris-Beijing- Paris
Purple Blanket, Centre d’art d'Orthez , Fr
Percepts, ArtConcepts- Brussels,
Sous l'image, galerie Les Drapiers - Liège, Be
Rémanences, galerie Paris-Beijing- PB Project - Paris
Face palm, Maac-Maisond'art actuel des chartreux - Brussels
Léa Belooussovitch: Public View, SoloShow, Platform102 - Brussels


Young Belgium - Opus 1 - Ineffable, La Patinoire Royale - Brussels
Art cares covid, Musée Royaux des Beaux-Arts - Brussels
What you’ve missed, Galerie Paris-Beijing - Paris
Women underexposed, Belfius Collection, Brussels

Prix Médiatine 15#1, Manifeste pour une création visuelle actuelle, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles de Paris

Le bien, le mal et le très mal, curated by Michael Dans , SPACE Collection- Liège 
Le réel dispose de son invention, Centre d’Art Contemporain Les Tanneries, France

Sans tambour ni trompette, group show curated by Julie Crenn, Centre d’art Faux Mouvement- Metz

Dans l’intimité des crinolines - prix du Parlement - Parlement de la FWB, Brussels

Summer group show, Galerie Paris-Beijing - Paris
 I still believe in miracles - Penthouse Art Residency, Hotel Bloom - Brussels
Newwwar, it's just a game ? curated by Marion Zilio - Bandjoun Station , Cameroun

Espace Vanderborght - Brussels

Sans Tambour ni Trompette, cent ans de guerres - Le Parvis - Tarbes

Tremblements, with Matthieu Boucherit and Coraline de Chiara, galerie Valérie Delaunay - Paris Session#6 : Système, Galerie Paris-Beijing - Paris
The birth of tragedy, group show, Frederic Collier/contemporary , Brussels
Friche, le hangar de la Senne, group show, Le Hangar de la Senne, Brussels
Mediatine Prize, exhibition with the laureates, La Médiatine Brussels
L'art pour l' Accueil, exhibition & charity event, H18 - Brussels
Une inconnue d'avance, Bourse Révélations Emerige, group show - Villa Emerige, Paris
Déformation Professionnelle, group show, galerie Paris-Beijing - Paris
Collecting, 5 ans de soutien à la création, Maison des Arts Anderlecht - Brussels
De la lumière, group show, Francis Carrette gallery - Brussels
S.Balleux, L.Belooussovitch, S.Bonin, H.Prinz, group show, D+T Project gallery - Brussels
Learning how to see again, WYA’s European Arts Forum - Brussels
5/5, end of residency show, Fondation privée du Carrefour des Arts- Brussels
Paperworks, group show, Antena gallery- Chicago, USA
Somewhere over the rainbow- HD gallery - Brussels
Friche, group show, PIAS Anderlecht - Brussels
Spatial Sublation, 4 solos shows project WIELS - Brussel
Nevertheless, a two-part project with João Freitas, Musumeci Contemporary - Brussels
The Waste Land, group show, galerie Nadine Feront - Brussels 
Contemporary Multiples and editions, Platform 102 - Brussels
Not an opening...just a peek, Fondation Moonens - Brussels 
Friche, group show, LaVallée - Brussels
Autrement dit, Trade Mart - Brussels 
 Friche, open house in Anderlecht - Brussels 
 Carte de visite, group show, Espace Vanderborght - Brussels
Not ordinary view, group show, Galerie Artecontemporanea - Brussels
 Color rooms , group show, Galerie Starter, Neuilly-sur-Seine- France
 Désorienté(s), group show, ISELP, Brussels
L’inquiétante étrangeté, group show, Galerie Oberkampf - Paris 
Emergences Numériques, group show, Festival Transnumériques - Brussels
Museomix, collective projet with Mosquito Agency, Musée des Arts Décoratifs - Paris
Zapping, in-situ installation of drawings, RTBF - Brussels


Residency at Bandjoun Station, Fondation Barthélémy Toguo - Cameroun
 Residency at MAAC (january - june) : Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux - Brussels
Residency at Fondation Carrefour des Arts - Brussels

Residency at Fondation Moonens - Brussels


Bourses annuelles d'aide à la création de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Belgium
Laureate of Prix du Parlement de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Belgium
Selected for Art Contest 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Laureate of Prix COCOF, La Médiatine, Brussels, Belgium

Laureate of Bourse COCOF Maac 2017, Belgium
Selected for Bourse Revelations EMERIGE, Paris, France
Laureate of the MOONENS prize 2014, Belgium


Léa Belooussovitch, edition of Galerie Paris-Beijing
 Facepalm, edition of Maac Brussels


Frac Auvergne, France
Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, France

Belfius Art Collection, Belgium

Thalie Lab Foundation, Belgium

Collection d’entreprise Picard Vins & Spiritueux, France

Collection Ömer Mehmet Koç, Turquie

Collection Dassault, France

Fondation Privée du Carrefour des Arts, Belgium

Private collections in Belgium, England, Luxembourg and France


2009 - 2014
ENSAV La Cambre, Bachelor and Master’s degree: Drawing, Brussels
2008 - 2009
Preparatory course in Arts, Atelier de Sèvres, Paris
2007 - 2008
École supérieure Estienne, MANAA, Paris
1998 - 2007
Ateliers du Carrousel du Louvre (UCAD), Paris





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